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"Accepting Change"
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2011 and the world is getting much harder for us to live in. Many the world over is in search of something and don’t know what it is. What is it that’s causing so much anxiety and mental unrest throughout the world today. What’s the cause? What’s happening to us all?

Our world is rising in vibration and because of this we are experiencing disturbances within our psyche, and will continue to do so until we have completed the full rise. Though sadly many will not be able to handle this, its only because they choose not to change for the better but to stay as they are. One of the purposes of this vibration is to cause change (within) us.

Man’s (ego)…. the lower-self fights in hanging on to the old world and to the old ways, it doesn’t want to accept change but to remain as it is. For those who will not change for the better by attempting to rid oneself of bad qualities within, will either be left behind or worse.

This is why many minds are in turmoil today, they are fighting against the need to change. We look around us everywhere and we shake our heads in disbelief in having to witness the things done by man to to animal, and so on. The things we are capable of doing to each other is worse than demons. In fact many today are demons in disguise as humans, this I firmly believe.

If we are wanting to discover great and wonderful things about ourselves, the purpose of life here and that of the beyond, the truth of events which occurred in earths past and what awaits us in the future, then we must surrender ourselves to God by accepting all that comes our way with equilibrium, and by doing our utmost best. Not only for ourselves and family, but towards all others as well.

If we can begin to change our ways for the better by ridding those negative emotions, anger- jealousy- hatred- lust- violence etc, and treat others as we would like to be treated, then God steps closer by giving experiences on both sides of the veil.

He will lead us safely across this ocean of life with love and protection, but we must trust in Him. If we do this...NOW... then we will have no obstacles blocking our path as they will graciously be removed for us….one by one at the right time and at the right pace. But it all depends on us and from the efforts we put into it.

Mans mind is the problem today, this is what's causing all the unrest. A transformation in the heart and mind of man must come about if peace is sought.

To find YOURSELF first you must lose yourself

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Re: "Accepting Change"
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This is my observation as well. With the effort to escape change it 's amazing the change they create. What's that old cliche" nothing as constant as change". How exciting it is !

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