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Yeshua ben Joseph
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(Hi! This is not channeled, but inspired. You can email me for the full text as it's a bit long. it's free.)


Thank you for being present to receive me. And most, I’m certain, are expecting a fraud. I’d be cautious as well, if I were you. But when all is said and done, there is only one barometer of truth and that resides in the human heart.

Place what you read here, there.

We’ll speak more of this later, but my birth name 2,000-some years ago was Yeshua. Jesus was the Greek translation, and incidentally, pagan in origin, derived from the name of the Greek god, Zeus.

But first let me tell you why I am here at all. I am here to speak to your hearts. It is why you are reading this and not somewhere else. Of all the choices you could have made this day, the fact that you chose to be reading this is simply because you are supposed to be reading this. One of the ideas I hope to extend to you is the possibility that there are no accidents in this Universe.

Remember the periodic table of the elements on the wall of every high school chemistry class? Take the atomic structure of hydrogen. Remove one atom and the structure crumbles. Remove one atom from hydrogen and the sun stops shining. Take one atom out of H20, and there are no oceans. There are no tears. Yet every element is up there, on that chart, in perfect balance to allow for life on this planet. Just ask a statistician what the odds are of all those seemingly random photons and electrons coming together to create life as we know it. You and me. And if there is intelligence behind something so small, do you think it less likely there is an intelligence active in your life?

My friends, the Source is not anti-science. The Source is science, even the science that seeks to disprove the Source. We are truly explorers. Each of us. Explore. Question. Everything.

So, is what I shall offer you here the truth? Yes. Is it your truth? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Whatever helps you through the murky waters towards Love, is your truth. And that’s as it should be. Like the Universe, truth evolves on a spiral, and just when you think you’re back where you started, you realize you’ve actually progressed to a higher state of awareness. And my friends, the Universe is large enough to embrace a multitude of truths. The choices are yours.

But why not speak to you from a temple or church or mountaintop? Why not the Vatican? The Holy Mount? Frankly, there are not many places that would have me, not like this, not as I truly am, not unlike you. As they have for centuries, they like the idea of me, just not the reality -- And I say that without rancor. Each has served its purpose in the Grand Scheme Of Things. And truth be told, reading some of the words I am supposed to have said and practices I am supposed to have endorsed, I would not want to spend much time with me either.

By now most of you know that the Source Of All That Is is not an old, Caucasian male sitting on a throne. Nor, in truth, is the Source female. The Source is both, is neither. From the Source comes the two. Comes the polarity. The duality. The male and the female. The dark and the light. Matter and anti-matter.

Upon this stage of creation called Earth, one of the most exquisite pageants, one of the most delightful, one of the most difficult and challenging and profound dramas -- and ofttimes, comedies -- in all of creation is being enacted.

I hope to help guide you through some of the plots and subplots of this drama. And during this journey, I will try to shed some light on my past life, so that in turn, we might shed some light on your present lives.

I’ll hope to remind us of who we truly are, where we came from, and where we are going.

I also hope to speak of more now than I was able to then. Then, I had to use parables suitable for the time. You now have an additional 2,000 years of information and experience which I can draw upon.

And finally, I may, perhaps, anger some of you reading this. That will be a regret on my part. There’s already enough divisiveness over my life and my death.

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