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Famous Medium
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A medium I wish I could have seen at work was Mr Lesley Flint. He practised his mediumship in the London Area just before and after the second world war. He was at the time hailed as being one of the best and was visited by Royalty.

His gift was of "Independant Direct Voice" which means that his guide called Micky created a voice box outside of his body so that everyone in the room could hear spirit talking independently of Lesleys own mouth.

He was proved not to be fraudulant. An autobiography was written about Lesley which is very imspirational and very moving called whispers in the dark. I think the SNU were selling the book a while ago but I did see it on Amazon also.

One of his helpers was Rudolf Valantino - but he was always behind the scenes having had his time on fame on earth. Micky who'd been a news paper seller in London in the early 1800s and had been killed by a horse a carriage when crossing the road was his main guide.

Lesley had been a grave digger in his first job and a consciencious objector during the 2nd world war; the war office put him on bomb disposal as Lesley admitted the only thing he couldn't do was kill someone because of his Spiritual beliefs.

Lesley died of cancer in the 1980s sadly - just as I was coming into Spiritualism.

The Spirit Within Shall Never Die

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