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still accepting the events of today
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today my roommate, my best friend was found after going missing for 2 days, beaten and bruised and burned, he escaped alive from a crazy hostage situation. my happy moment came when i called the police this afternoon and asked them to call off the search, because he had contacted me as soon as he was able to get away and ran to the nearest house for help. im still in shock, hes in shock, but we are home and safe, im dressing new wounds on his body that will one day scar and remind him of his ordeal. the next few days might be filled with police reports and investigation photos, and there may be moments when we share conjoined emotions, determined to protect each other from the waves of stone cold panic, that will melt and be mulled over with the healing of thankfulness....i feel so many emotions right now. the euphoria of when i saw him in the car and he stood up and all we both wanted to do was fall into each others arms but we held each other so gently, to avoid his wounds, and he kissed me so gently on the lips, and it felt like the tears i had cried in burning eyes for those two days were turning into a white light that blinded the midnight, and from above us i felt wings,picking us up, away from every tormented, tortured, fear-frazzled bone in our bodies. some say the devil is in the details. i say love is in everything else, and that it is all that really matters.

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Re: still accepting the events of today
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Oh my gosh, how awful!!! So glad he returned back home to you and is on the mend. Much Love to you both!!!

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Re: still accepting the events of today
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Oh my, I am so sorry I missed this post before! Much light & healing to your friend, for the physical and emotional wounds! If your friend would like some light energy to be sent, please PM me with the full name, to add to my list.

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