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Am I imagining it
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Hi there, not sure if it is the correct place to ask but I wonder if anyone could offer any insight.

I've met up with a someone almost weekly for the past year. We have a good working relationship, we get along well and I think she likes me as a person. It is a somehwat professional relationship so has certain limitations.

There have been a handful of times over past year where we have met and I have thought I 'felt' something was 'off' with her. I have difficulty articulating what it was as it was not very obvious the best I could explain is that she seemed somewhat different to all the other times we have met.

I have brought attention to it a few times and she denies that there is anything different with her or that she is feeling 'off' in any way at all. Because of her work she is quite attuned to noticing her feelings so if she was feeling 'off' is something I thought she would be able to realise quite easily.

Although she hasn't quite said outright she has alluded to me imagining it. It makes me question myself and my perceptions and if I am just imagining it based on my past experiences. I have told her I don't need to know what is wrong if something is but that sharing that she doesn't seem her regular self would be helpful for me as it triggers lots of negative emotions etc.

I am so torn as on one hand, I feel like I am picking up on something but she categorically denies this so on the other hand I am doubting my reality.

I really don't think she is 'hiding' her true feelings for me either that she is unaware of them completely or I am imagining it. Is it possible that I am picking up on something that she is just not aware of? I don't understand how this can be even after I bring attention to it and it's beginning to make me feel a bit crazy.

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