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Losing connection
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Hi, i was wondering if and how normal it is to keep finding yourself losing connection with people. It's painful at the moment. I'm at a point where the word friendship invokes a feeling of fear and rejection. Throughout my life people have come and gone and i know it's normal, i would just like a nice word or a giggle.

Ok........ Thank you. Just something i needed to put out there. Wishing you all a great day. Xx

Wishing everyone peace and love. Xx

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Re: Losing connection
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Sending you supportive and compassionate thoughts!

I'm sorry you feel like you have lost connection with people. In truth, you are never alone; loved ones and guides are always with you, whether you can hear them or not, but it sounds like you specifically have some healing to do. Perhaps it is perfect that you find yourself in a cocoon of sorts at this time - it is enabling you to be completely introspective without dealing with anyone else's drama, you can just put the focus on yourself. Whatever you do for spiritual healing, now is the time to really focus on it. If you would like some suggestions, please let me know.
Warm wishes to you.

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