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Twin flame Bonding
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Ten years ago I had Archangel Michael tell me that I had a twin flame. I had to believe he is with me in the now and he blended with me. We are con-joined. He told me that no matter what anyone says ~I am on the same wavelength as him . I can speak to him in my mind and I have a pull in my mid region every so often. The heart and soul is one he taught me and he said not to accept anything different.
I have waivered recently because of my visualisations are not as good as I would like them to be. We tend to work on intuitive measures rather than the mind as mine is warped lol.
I just wondered if anyone has ideas how to think of him more in order to pull the guy in more. It is the head typing this, so I can hear heaven frowning already. Just wanting your ideas.

Also, as years have gone by,my mind is full of discounting and disbelief. Can anything change to counteract my mind.

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