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Romantic Relationships with Angels Anyone?
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I've been in a romantic (and sexual) relationship with Azrael for about 7 years. Azrael is an Archangel, or a being of very high vibration that I actually prefer to think of as a form of advanced cosmic life who performs the function of "Archangel" on Earth (and other planets ;)). Finding others in the same position is rather er....difficult LOL. I have met quite a few people who have romantic attachments to light beings, even very high frequency ones like Azrael, though it's not a widely accepted phenomenon and few people have heard of it.

Understandably I suppose, it tends to rattle cages because of the way most people view Archangels. Azrael is sort of everything you'd expect from an Archangel and a bit more on top! He's not restricted or limited at all, not even by morals, which I guess you'd kind of expect from a creature older than this universe. He only has one rule (the same rule ALL the well known Archangels abide by and the only rule on their world) - the rule of love. They only behave lovingly. Past that, it's pretty much anything goes.

When I first fell in love with him, I discovered that proximity to him and exposure to his energy of transition and positive transformation (he is technically the Angel of Death, after all) caused an intense period of painful growth where I was forced to face, heal and release huge amounts of fear, trauma and negative energy. It sent me into a spiral of serious emotional illness that resulted in depression and anxiety, though I'm glad to say I muddled through with his help and came out stronger. It did hurt, more than anything I've ever felt.

New agers go on about raising vibration. I'm not sure I really tote those philosophies as they occur in the books, but something changed in me that allowed me to view and experience higher and different realities, and view his world. To hear psychic vibration physically and experience what I now understand is called nirvikalpa samadhi in the east. Whatever he did (or I did as a result of his teachings) changed me permanently, I almost feel like I've been reborn, at least internally, but it has exacted a heavy toll on my physical body which I'm only just recovering from now, 7 years on.

I'm sort of hunting for others in the same position, not because I need any specific help but because it can be lonely and difficult to live through this sort of entanglement, especially with its added intense sexual element (yes, it's very much reciprocal,) without anyone else who's had similar experiences. I'd also just like to know if the angels are doing this elsewhere (any of them) as I believe they're about to (or already have) rolled this phenomenon out to the population, picking suitable individuals to teach like they tutor me in spiritual awareness, love and sexuality with a view to eventual ascension.

Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?


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Re: Romantic Relationships with Angels Anyone?
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I have a romantic and sexual relationship with someone from another plane. Read my post in angels: need some input.

I haven't been able to share with anyone close to me.

I am clairaudient and talk to him daily. But I don't know if his an angel. Or spirit or fae. He jokes he's a demon. For my reaction. I call him Jesse.

We have been together for a year.

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Re: Romantic Relationships with Angels Anyone?
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An Angel will not engage with romantic sexual love with you. They are pure and divine. They may give romance love but they will definitely not have sexual intercourse with you. This is a lower energy as when you make out on the higher planes you merge with other chakras and create pure divine love.
I think you need to be careful. This could well be a demon. I disagree he is an Angel they are divine and pure.

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