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Twin flame
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My name is Femke and a lot has happend the past year and a half. I got divorced, my professional changed dramatically (personal choice) and I moved to a whole new environment. Everything was fine, i coped well and felt in control. Then the following thing happend...

I met someone, I knew him before I knew him. It was heaven and hell all rolled in to one. I love him and he loves me. In the beginning it was passionate and amazing. We both experienced a love we never knew. When it hit his height, he ran. He pushed me away and tried to pull me back in every possible way imaginable. Until the point where I got physically sick. I knew what he was in relation te me. But I had to end it. In the worst possible way so I knew he would not come back. It hurts, but again, he was not ready. It is not the first time it has happend.

I communicate with his soul in my dreams: he tells me to wait. I tell him I can not, it is not my battle to fight. I have my own.

I understand why twinflames meet, I understand it in relationship to my spiritual awakening. But how do you deal with a loss like this? How excited I am concerning my transformation, I miss him everyday.


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Re: Twin flame
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Welcome Femke, What is meant to be will be ........

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