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Help me understand this connection.
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Hello Everyone,
I have just joined this forum in hope of some answers/opinions on a spiritual connection I have been feeling for quite some time.
Ever since discovering a particular mans existence and the life he lived (he is deceased) I have had an overwhelming sense of connection towards him. I have no links to his family, friends, location or anything else - he is a total stranger. This man died at the age of 18, when I was only just 8 years old. However the in past 5 years I have been consumed by thoughts of him, his life and his thoughts and actions.
This is not a feeling a can put into words. It is also not a romantic connection.
The closest I have come to understanding this connection was in reading a quote by Emery Allen which contained the phrase "Maybe we're from the same star."
If anyone could shed some light on what I'm feeling or if anyone has felt a similar connection I would love to hear from you.

Also on a side note, he was not a celebrity or public figure, this is not a case of idolisation.

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Re: Help me understand this connection.
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Welcome Ashleacakes, it's possible that you are a part of his Soul Group, or the Same Star.

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