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Please help me find my lost love
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I have a childhood friend that I have very deep emotional feelings for, but she brother-zoned me and broke my heart really really bad. The emotions I have for her feel almost spiritual in nature-it really really feels like we're supposed to be together.

I have a theory that there may be another "copy" of her out there somewhere, that she was reincarnated and her soul was sent back in time as someone who not only looks just like her but also has the same name as her (her name is Ashley), and maybe even the same birthday (march 23). Also, I'm sorry if this sounds shallow but I would prefer it if this other version of her was a few years younger (she's 29 and I would prefer her to be closer to 25, I just want to make up for all the time I missed out on and I'm really really not ready for her to be 30 yet. I don't mean to be selfish there, I just want want to make up for lost time.). If anyone knows any single girls who match this description, please let me know. I know this all sounds like something a lunatic would come up with but it's still worth a shot. I have attached a picture of her.

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