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Master Russell
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Hi, yes Im new.
argh, I worry how my future would be like...
I also find myself hestitating relating like I should.
Real eye opener, just need someone who I can share my thoughts with. Self-concealment is a hassle to go through. What is it like on the otherside?

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05/11/14 03:13 PM

Re: Master Russell
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G'day Russell, welcome to SB.

The further you become spiritually aware the more you will only focus on the present, you will still think about the past & future but it won't seem as important as the present.

What is it like on the other side? Anything you can imagine I believe.

Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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05/14/14 07:50 PM

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Re: Master Russell
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I feel what you mean and I feel similar thoughts and feelings. I'm in such a hermit phase the past few months. Maybe it's just our way of healing or incubating before something new gives birth.

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05/14/14 09:11 PM

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Re: Master Russell
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Hi Russell, I hope you find some answers here. As for the other side, I agree it's probably what we expect it to be.

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