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Karma is a pain
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On the way to the concert, my friend said there is a girl I should meet. We get there, she introduces me to her, and she buys me a beer.
Normally I would want to keep talking, but something struck me. I downed my beer without returning the favor, (not like me at all), and walk back to my friends.
Later in the night, I see a woman that stood out. I couldn't get her out of my mind.
Later in the week, I tell my friend about who was stuck in my mind. He helps me get a hold of her, who doesn't even know me, and we start talking regularly.
Our first date was so beautiful, it made me cry. Sunset over the valley, new music, and a deep inner knowing of pain. Not what it sounds like, I promise.
Our souls were out of ear reach, but talking about something. I would later find out what.
One day, I tell her of some girl that bought me a beer at the concert, and how I walked away after that very quick, quiet beer. When I said what she looked like, my gf was shocked. Turns out that girl stole her boyfriend from her a while ago. Our relationship didn't last long, but I assume what our souls said to each other was; "We know this isn't gonna last, but we have to manifest an example of Karma. This has carried over too many lifetimes. The time to part is soon."

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Re: Karma is a pain
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Karma is the result of self judgment. It is not applied by an outside force or being. There is no universal law of Karma. We judge ourselves or others for our actions and then proceed to return lifetime after lifetime to "correct" the things we've judged as wrong. We usually manage to create new karma (new self judgments) in the process and so keep coming back. Over time our karma with particular individuals becomes a pattern. "I know you. We do this together." Karma is a rut, we get out of that rut by choosing differently.


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