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Perfection does not exist.

It is an illusion of the mind.

The world and its people always want and expect us to be perfect everytime and everywhere.

The funny thing about perfection is that we want others to be perfect when we find it hard to perfect ourselves.

Jesus said that we see the dust which is in the eyes of our neighbour but we don't see the straw which is in our eyes.

We will never achieve perfect perfection as 100% perfection does not exist.

We have only degrees of imperfection and perfection.

Maryse has always said that even our guides are not perfect. They are a little higher up in evolution than we are and they are evolving and learning at the same time as we are.

If spirit guides are not perfect, then who is perfect ?

Well... Nobody is perfect whenever the person is in the physical or the spirit world.

I dropped the idea of perfection after a life of trying to search for perfection in myself and in others.

I am no longer mad at people with low mentality.

I am no longer angry at people who are jealous, manipulate others and make them feel guilty.

I don't ask the Divine when justice will be done and when these people will pay for their deeds.

I accept them the way they are, very very imperfect people who think that they are very very perfect.

I also accept myself the way I am with my qualities and imperfections.

Divine justice will come in its own time, the law of karma is more than perfect and the Universal law will always find the negative people.

Why do I have to worry about these negative people and have negative emotions towards them ?

There is no need because in our effort to better ourselves, we cannot afford to mix with these people and hold on to emotions like anger and frustrations.

Very very negative people do not change overnight and we can only change ourselves and not others.

However we should learn to protect ourselves by keeping our distance with them.

We should be able to say "No" to them when they are trying to abuse and manipulate us.

We should not fall into their trap and become their slaves.

The sky is the limit and perfection can be compared to the sky.

Although we can never actually reach the end of the sky which is the end of perfection, we can try to have the qualities of perfection.

A diamond or a crystal will never be perfect but by its brilliance, clarity and shine we can see the degree of perfection and purity.

To be and act like a snake on the ground will never lead us to the sky of perfection.

We have to be like a bird, an Eagle for instance who fly higher and higher in the sky.

The view is magnificent, the air purer and we see everything from the sky.

As a bird is in the Air element, it has nothing in common with the snake which is in the Earth element

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12/24/08 08:46 AM

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Re: Perfection
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i just wanted to say i appreciate your insight. i dont agree entirely but that is what makes our world....perfect. if you catch my drift.

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12/27/08 10:52 AM

Re: Perfection
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Ummmm. We are all perfect!!! I think if we can step outside labling ourselfs people and things, we will realize we are! Everything is Gods perfection! Reflecting him self.
If thier was no darkness how whould we know the light?
A snake is just as perfect as a eagle. They each have thier own perpose here on earth!
Thalia, You are perfect! All you have to do is realize it!


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03/07/20 11:10 PM

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Re: Perfection
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( :

Hello Thalia . . .

The whole of God's Creation could be classed as perfect.

The Easter Bunny could be on the way.

Chocolate could help some-one to take life easy.

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

( :

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