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Nothing is immortal But spirit of Pure-void
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Hello all,it's a messge from life the distant future 's !!!About Reincarnation
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Q: OP can you talk about is the reincarnation exists? There is a lot of evidence, It seems to prove that Soul is immortal after death, but is reincarnation

Answer: The reincarnation is exist But only a small minority It’s not impossible that a few people if have enough spiritual quality and then get into another body after they die This does not prove is immortal

This kind of reincarnation will maintain a complete memory

There is another kind of reincarnation also is a few The information of constitute his is collapse after death Part of the collapse of the information is integrated into other material individuals before complete exhaustion. The Part of the information of collapsed

integrate into other material individual before complete exhaustion

If reincarnation is a universal phenomenon Why do you so many people don’t remember the preexistence

Think about it Once you lose the physical mind, you will fall into a dreamless sleep Don’t know anything

If the soul is not immortal, you will not fall into a dreamlike sleep like dead sequence

Our science has proved that Nothing is immortal But spirit of Pure-void

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