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Non-living things (non-organic things) and soul
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I was wondering about how does "life" and "death" goes for non-living things (that means objects, items, non-organic) that have a soul.

How does the soul leaves such a body like this ? how does it "dies", since things can easily be repeared in the most situations ? if it "dies", is it forced to leave the body ?

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04/04/20 11:01 AM

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Re: Non-living things (non-organic things) and soul
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Interesting question.
Does not 'living' imply a soul or spirit?
Is there any evidence that an inanimate object has a spirit or soul or any kind of life force?
I think this is an interesting subject for discussion.

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06/27/20 09:08 AM

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Re: Non-living things (non-organic things) and soul
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Manufactured things are not ensouled. Everything organic has a soul. IOW, my cellphone does not have a soul, but the rocks and soil and sand outside my door all have souls. Natural things have souls and are alive, whether we recognize them as lifeforms or not. My car? No. The water in my well? Yes.

This is all my opinion, of course.

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