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What the Heck????
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Hi Guys, I'm glad I found this board. A little background on me. I have been able to "sense" things for a little while now. Usually centered around when an energy is around me feeling emotions, intent, etc etc. I have had visions of occurrences that have not happened yet, and have already happened. So needless to say, I have no clue what's going on with me. The reason for this post is this. Recently, my wife and I were going to sleep and I felt a super strong presence enter the room. Strong enough to the point that I came wide awake. I was laying on my stomach and felt Immense pressure on my legs, like holding me down. I don't remember what I said but my wife rolled over and about fell out of bed. I couldn't see it of course because I'm being held down, while laying on my stomach. She said it was a about the size of a basketball, clearish, and has strips of orange light going through it. Does anybody have an idea what the heck happened to me?????

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Re: What the Heck????
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( :

Hello Noggin . . .

Your writings sound some-what trouble-some .

Perhaps praying to God could help you.

Hope you have a happy Sunday .

( :

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