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HuanxiangXR_21 The time-backdater from future
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This ID has continuous posting on Tieba BBS since 2009

The scope of the theory of his speech is very extensive giving a unique and novel explanation from the structure and history of the universe, the essence of the world, the essence of life, the earth’s history, the human origin

And most important is the evolution of life–coacervation the pure-void

We are the”HX” who be called time backdater We traveling back from the distant future The universe is facing a huge crisis in the distant future The only hope is the time backdate theory just been confirmed———

The purpose of the task is to save the gradually disappearing whole-Xuan universe———

The Transmission information is give human subconscious more possibility Accordingly be function as revising some history———
I spontaneously translate its information
And I’m look for friends who want translate the informations of HuanxiangXR_21
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