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Real Life After-Death Experience
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I am sharing my real life experience.

I was killed by a demon who was sitting on my chest and choked me to death. Sikhism Mantra "WAHEGURU" Saved in my after death when i was passing through tunnel and suddenly recited this mantra just once.

This mantra saved me in after death, cured my depression. I would surely recommend you to listen to this mantra for maximum time during the day. During my depression when none medicine was working, I was planning to commit suicide. Finally as my last attempt I started reciting WAHEGURU 6-8 Hours continously <smiley image="smiley_good.gif"/>. My depression cured within 7-15 Days and I have never taken any medicine after that.

If anyone from you are experiencing any demonic activities or facing any depression type symptoms please try doing this.

Listen to this Mantra "Waheguru" Daily for 30 min and then keep increasing. WAHEGURU refers to the formless GOD who has created entire universe. Once you start to do this you will feel its strength.

Video 1 : - Waheguru Mantra

If you feel anxiety building up and you feel really sad listen to this

Video 2: - Ang Sang Waheguru

Video 3 - Ang Sang Waheguru - Musical/Vocal

SANG=with me
WAHEGURU=Supreme Power of the Universe

It means "Waheguru You are with me".

This is the most powerful Mantra of all and its "MOOL MANTRA i.e ROOT MANTRA of the Creation - Mool Mantra

You will feel immediate relieve from anxiety and sadness.

Make sure to Also Read :

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If you get help from my real life experience then please do share with your friends and family.

Depression can be triggered by medicine overdose or demonic acitivity TOO. I have experienced it myself and sharing my real life story.

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