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Welcome to our new forum, which was created to allow members to introduce themselves and post their own website URLs.

This particular forum "Introduce Yourself" is the only board where you may post links to your own website.

Please note: Posts which are only advertising your website will be deleted, as they are in violation of the Terms of Service. This "Introduce Yourself" board is for, as it says, introducing yourself (not your website!). But you are permitted to mention your website(s) as PART of your post.

Only 100% non-profit websites may be listed. If your website is not 100% non-profit, you cannot list it here, but may list it at the "Marketplace" forum (in the Resources category) for a small fee (5€, approx. 7$, for one year).

When making a new post here, you get the option to "Lock this thread, so no replies can be made", if you prefer to have no replies to your post you can check the appropriate box. If you leave it blank, replies can be made to your post.

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