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My Translation: THE SOCIAL CHRIST by SamaelAunWeor
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Hi, I'm into Krishna Consciousness and interested in all kinds of different spiritual teachings.

I've just finished translating this 1964 book from Spanish. Along with a profound spiritual teaching about the Death of Ego and explanation of certain truths revealed by Gurdjieff, it speaks about the problems of Capitalism and strongly critiques Communism (Marxism, Dialectical Materialism). Some chapters, such as Chapter IX "The Big Corporations" speak about the hidden government of the rich pulling the strings of the nominal governments. Others deal with the ways in which "Uncle Sam" keeps the poor countries of Latin America in check, the need for industrialization and national self-sufficiency, the need for the unionization of all kinds of workers and even tenants, along with many other crucial issues.

Samael Aun Weor wrote mostly about more or less purely spiritual subjects and many of his books on these matters have been translated into English, however his social teaching has been completely ignored by the translators in their silent complicity with the imperialist and colonialist powers.

Samael called his teaching Revolutionary Gnosticism, this refers first of all to an inner revolution against the egoistic elements of our own psychology. However the non-violent social revolutionary aspect of it is of undeniable importance and relevance for humanity – this he confirmed in a communique issued shortly before his death. After all, isn't a spirituality detached from the realities of life on this planet a sort of false spirituality full of self-delusion?

Some of his ideas might seem a bit far out, some might even be shocking, nonetheless THE SOCIAL CHRIST as a whole is thought-provoking and contains a force which can help anyone to awaken to the sad reality of the times we live in - and thus to Act, Consciously.

Read online or download pdf at

The Translator

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Re: My Translation: THE SOCIAL CHRIST by SamaelAunWeo
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Thanks. I'll give it a look.

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