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07/14/17 02:46 AM

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Good healer
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Can someone recommend me a good healer or consultant that I can get in touch with on the web?

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Gerrit SpiritBoard Supporter
07/23/17 01:13 AM

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Re: Good healer
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In-person treatments are always better than long distance, IMHO. However, some forms of healing energies can be sent long distance, although a bit less efficiently. If you want me to send you Light Energy, please send me a private message with your full name.

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05/10/18 08:42 PM

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Re: Good healer
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Hi, Johanna, I have found some of the healers from fiverr.com to be quit good. Their prices go from $5 up. There are reviews you can try. My favorites, who have raised their prices past my budget, for what I need, are PsychicNicole and Kelamonster.

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07/05/18 06:02 AM

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Re: Good healer
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Friends and members of The Aetherius Society are eligible for absent healing, and is free.

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