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We have been asked to explain some of the "unexplained" behavior such as profiles becoming suddenly available with free membership. There is a system to all this, as follows:
  • the first post containing a URL requires approval*
  • all posts with URLs require approval (members with over 500 posts are exempt)
  • posts can be deleted, edited and re-edited within 15 minutes of initially making the post. If any changes are needed beyond that, a moderator needs to be contacted. Please note that if you decide to leave SB, a request to delete all posts cannot be complied with. Making a post grants SB unlimited permission to display the post (as indicated in TOS - Terms of Service).
  • profiles can be viewed by financial supporters (donors) and all members* with over 25 posts
  • userpics can be viewed by financial supporters (donors) and all members* with over 50 posts
  • when a moderator deletes a post, these options can given for reason of deletion:
    1. cleaning up (no violation)
    2. As requested by user (no violation)
    3. Duplicate post (no violation) for unintentional duplication
    4. Duplicate post (violation) for intentional crossposting
    5. Spamming (violation)
    6. Flaming (violation)
    7. Rudeness (violation)
    8. Vulgarity (violation)
    9. Inappropriate (violation)
  • When a member's post gets deleted by a moderator, the member and admin automatically get notified, including the reason of the deletion, and a copy of the post for reference, possibly for making some changes and reposting. If the deletion was because of a policy violation, this is what happens:
    1. first offense - for two weeks, all posts have to be approved by a moderator (i.e. even if the member has made over 25 posts and no longer had needed approval)
    2. second offense - one week suspension of posting rights. Private messages can be replied to, but not initiated.
    3. third offense - one month suspension of posting rights and of sending any private messages.
    4. fourth offense - permanent suspension of all rights.
  • Usernames/nicks cannot be changed. If you recently signed up, simply cancel you current membership and register again to use a different username. For minor changes, send me a message via Contact Admin and log out.
  • If your email bounces because you changed your email address but forgot to update your profile, all subscriptions and notifications will be cancelled. So remember to keep your profile current!
  • the "Recommend SB" function in Tools/Extras allows members to gain Gold Member credit. You can send out invitation emails using the form, or your friends can simply list your username as the one who recommended SB to them, when they sign up. You receive one point for each "active" member, i.e. a member who actually visits SB (minimum 50 page views per current or previous calender month). When you have enough points, visit Tools/Extras/Recommend SB to claim one month of ads-free membership. Recently added: you receive a PM when a member signs up who either was on your list, or who listed you during sign-up. Currently no email notification is sent when this PM is generated. As it stands, 5 points are needed to for one month of adds-free membership.
  • If you want to change the textbox size (i.e. where you type your post/private message) you just need to go to Tools -> Options -> Display Options and adjust the number of TextArea columns and rows. I got mine set to 120x10 which would work well on most of today's larger moniters, but you can easily adjust it to your taste - try 130x10 or 150x10, depending on your screen resolution.
* = other conditions apply to members who have been found to be in violation of TOS.

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