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I hitched through Phoenix, then right over to Globe AZ not long before coming back here(CA), and being admitted on my fourth 5150. An elder was telling me about a huge cave on the other side of the hill with 60ft crystals, and who knows what else. He said every inch of that field is surveyed by "eyes in the sky." These eyes he said were government aircraft keeping watch over that field. I welcomed the night as it came. I look up in the sky and see a star moving(what sattelites look like to the naked eye). It disappears over the horizon, then comes back. Disappears, comes back, and back and forth. There definitely is something under that vast field. Aliens? Maybe. Government aircraft? Maybe. A combination of the two? Well... Consider this... Years ago, my mother's friend who was stationed at an Air Force base called her up in hysterics, saying there are no aliens, it's all government testing.

Sounds to me like he was going to spill the beans but was coerced into lying to save his own life, and/or loved ones.
Why do I think this? Are we really the only ones in this vast universe? Existence? I can't answer that, but something deep inside of me is telling me otherwise.

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