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walk ins
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my aunt had a walk in that stayed for a whopping 13 years while she healed after a NDE. yesterday i rewatched the movie K-PAX for the first time in many years, and its about the same thing, except in the movie the walk in stayed 5 years. has anyone else ever experienced something like this?

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08/13/19 07:43 AM

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Re: walk ins
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I once thought I had a walk in experience. This was back in the 1980's. I was driving down the road on a beautiful sunny day on a deserted type of road. Not much traffic in other words. As I was driving, the car was headed west and next thing I knew, the car spun a few turns and rested on the opposite side of the road pointing east. I was stunned, and confused. For a short while, I forgot how to drive my car! I sat for a while and it eventually came back to me. After that experience, my life turned in a whole different direction. Guess it will always be one of those great mysteries.
I always thought that once you have a walk in, it stays until the life is over, but then I have no clue about that either.
Glad your Aunt is doing good now.

Everyone who shares your world does so with your permission.

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