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help! massively cursed!
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Preface: I have been dealing with this massive curse for 2.5 years. It appears I have been ruined and death cursed for affiliating with the wrong people. I used to run a medium sized online business that did 4 million in sales. I now, after being extorted for all my money ended up with next to nothing. I am unable to work, let alone take care of myself, and accomplish anything great for myself. The biggest mistake that was made was being too flashy and flaunty on Facebook which created envy from a lot of people. I want to give you some background on the main 4 witches that are consistently cursing me so that you can get a better idea of how badly my situation is.
Witch #1: An Indian male in his mid-20s who is of the Sikh religion and works out of the Golden Temple in India. Through meditation I found that he worships an unjust God. He approached me while I was parked in my car outside of a Sushi restaurant as I was journalizing. This is the man who claimed I had “bad karma in the previous life” and I had to donate large amounts of money (thousands of dollars) to hungry children in India so that I could not only “repay the bad karma in my life, but also of my family’s previous lives,” so that I could “wipe my slate clean” by giving away these large donations. He was also psychic and knew a lot of things about my family and I. I noticed him and his cult have mastered the art of black magic. I also noticed many spiritual healers that I went to after meeting him, are not willing to help me remove the curses that he has done on me. I see no karmatic motivation other than for him to steal from me. After all this has been said and done, I find myself in a position where my business has been ruined and I am so cursed that I cannot accomplish anything for myself because if I do so, I feel angry about doing something good for myself rather than feeling happy. His strategy appears to be driving me crazy to the point where I’d like to take my own life rather than struggle in this life. However, for whatever reason, God has made me strong enough to endure the pain of the cursing that is being done to me.
Witch #2: A female Hispanic in mid 50s that appears to have sold her soul to Lucifer to dominate me so that I can make money to give to her. However, my will is strong enough to resist some of her cursing especially the puppet/dominate parts of her cursing. This witch is one of many and I’m saddened to say that she is one of my family members, specifically my Mother. This is what she usually curses me with: 1. She curses me to avoid getting along with my significant other whom I love very much. 2. She curses me to not being able to enjoy things that my significant other does to me and/or for me. 3. She curses me so that I cannot enjoy sexuality with my significant other; I only enjoy it with other women. Note: Both my significant other and I are in mutual agreement to be in an open relationship. 4. She curses me by invading my dreams and causes me to have nightmares. 5. This curse may or may not be from her, but it appears either her or one of the Witches who are mentioned, are doing bad luck cursing on us so that we cannot prosper.
Witch #3: She is in her mid to late 30s and is a psychic whom I went to for healing after being ruined by the Indian man. She also extorted me for large amounts of money (thousands of dollars) to “heal” me because I had “3 dark Angels surrounding me.” It appears she has some soul connection to me that remains from the previous life. I did some meditation and some testing and it looks like the reason this Witch has so much access to my soul is because we were romantically involved possibly even married and I committed adultery, in the previous life. She uses Witch #2 to do her bidding and constantly keeps me cursed because Witch #2 is retired and she has nothing better to do than to re-curse me every time I de-curse myself and find ways to. Note: these days I’m not engaging in promiscuity because I am trying to get involved with my current love, and become a better man.
Witch #4: This is a Canadian man in his late 20s, early 30s who he likely sold his soul to Belial to gain power so he can seek revenge against me. He was fired because he did not comply with the rules of the company. He was my best friend at the time, and he was using that as his excuse to not follow the rules. These are the curses that he is expected to be doing:
It appears to have initiated very high level and death/ruin curses on me because I humiliated him right before I fired him. I did that because of the aggravation he caused me during his employment. So I did a test, I bought him $1500 worth of Ferragamo gear and I told him that I loved him to which he decided to stay quiet and changed the subject. I did not even receive a “Thank You” for this kind act. Therefore, 5 days after this happened and after much thinking, I decided to fire him. Prior to this, I wrote him a 16 page letter to explain how I financially got to where I got in my attempt to help him grow further financially, and it did nothing to change his behavior or increase his understanding. He appears to have the ability to create nightmares and sabotage me in the physical realm. Anytime I accomplish anything towards myself I have hate and anger from having accomplished such. Anytime I try to do anything to bring me joy, it either gets sabotaged or I receive no joy out of it. I used to have good luck and now all of a sudden I have a series of bad luck which continues to still happen as of now.
I’m never left at peace, I’m always either having nightmares or constant voices that tell me “You will die” or “You will do something horrible.” Please if there is anybody out there who can help me get my life back, feel free to comment. For any further questions or clarifications, I will be happy to answer. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!

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Re: help! massively cursed!
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My goodness, I have never heard of such a grave attack, but I certainly don't doubt it has happened. I work very closely with the Beings known here mainly as Anubis, Isis and Horus. They are very concerned about your predicament and Anubis suggests two things which you can focus on. The first is reinforcing a very strong golden energy field around yourself and a greater field of gold and deep electric blue around your house. Imagine this as strongly as you can and Anubis will also work with this. It will act as a reflector to the energy you are being attacked with. He suggests too, resting as much as possible over the next couple of days when you receive this reply. Sadly, as you have discovered, there are some really nasty people out there. The thing is, that much as they try to protect themselves, they will find that Anubis' strength is far greater than anything they can gather between them. He works closely with souls and will directly engage theirs and ensure that they are very aware of what they are now dealing with. Please keep in touch here and let me know how you are. With love, Steve/Anubis/Isis/Horus.


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11/19/19 08:23 PM

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Re: help! massively cursed!
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What you are describing sounds like a spiritual disturbance. The negative energy is attracted to you as you are full of fear, resentment, you name it. They feed on this energy. The more you give the more they come to feed and thus the cycle repeats itself. I have found that the only way to break through this is to understand the mechanism behind and by purifying yourself. The best place I have encountered are Sukyo Mahikari dojos. People are friendly and not concerned about your past. They radiate Divine light to purify your soul and to weaken the attachment. It takes time, but int he process you get stronger, more focused and glad to be alive. If you continue, you will be able tisane many souls in your family line. There is always a good reason why things like that happen to you or anyone else. It is family karma. If you ever get interested and keen to help others they teach it in their spiritual development courses. These courses allow you to learn the principles and to learn how to give light to others. By giving light to others you are repaying your karmic debt quicker. Save others and you will be saved is the modus operantus. Search for the closest dojo on the . good luck and keep me posted of the changes and transformations.

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Re: help! massively cursed!
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( :

Hello PLUR1021 . . .

You could try praying to God.

A curse could be a blessing in disguise.

Christmas could be on the way.

Hope you have a merry one.

( :

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04/23/20 01:49 AM

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Re: help! massively cursed!
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Very sorry to hear what you've been going through.

If you have access to rock salt, mix a teaspoon of it in water and take bath in it at least twice a week. It will immensely help cleanse your aura. Drink crystal-enhanced water, if possible. Else, at least boil the water, allow it to cool, and then drink from it.

When you get up from your bed, in the morning, touch the ground for about 25-30 seconds with both your palms. Likewise, before hitting bed, do the same. When you do it, thank the earthly energies for keeping you safe.

Any kind of negative karma can be countered by gratitude.

Develop an attitude of gratitude. Show gratitude that you're still breathing, eating, drinking, thinking, experiencing emotions and everything else in between, including the bad life experiences you are going through. You've been brought this far, take heart that you will see this through and that THIS will also pass.

I know it is easier said than done, but you are not alone in this world with pains. Each one of us go through our own pains and the ones who will so, do come out of it wiser and stronger - like you will too.

Hope this helps.

Gratitude is the keyword, especially when one's present and future looks bleak.



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