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Can anyone explain?
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Hi there,

My husbands grandparents house has a spirit there I am sure of it. I believe it is his great grandma who was very close to all of the family. A lot of strange things have happened in the house such as objects being moved and going missing, feelings of being kissed on the cheek and a hand on the shoulder. I always seem to get a heavy feeling in my chest when I am at the top of the stairs. My husband proposed to me with her engagement ring and ever since I have felt a connection with her even though I never met her. I felt a tug on my hair when at the house once thinking I had caught it on something on the wall on my way to the toilet, on my way back out realised there was nothing for my hair to get caught on. Today we went there and his grandad mentioned that he was polishing one of the dining room chairs (where she used to sit) and found scratches and backwards letters on the chair. They weren’t there a week ago. I tried to figure out what it says but it doesn’t make sense. Can anyone make out what this means? I tried to attach the photo but it won’t let me. It looks like this - these letters but backwards: D v m o b a y j q q with a big scratch on the top and bottom and little scratches dotted about. Thanks.

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02/01/19 01:55 AM

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Re: Can anyone explain?
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Hi, maybe you could try visiting a spirit guide/reader. Or maybe even a good Tarrot reader to get a response.? Wishing you the best. Peace.


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11/19/19 09:20 PM

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Re: Can anyone explain?
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I don't know where you live, so you may have to do some searching. There are people who offer True Light to disincarnate souls, or souls attached to places and people. Have a search for or or your region. Contact them to see if there is someone near to where you live who could come and give you all light and to the house. Perhaps the great grandma needs salvation. May have not been able to go into light. When you receive Light, one of the staff members could investigate and help to guide you all. All the best.

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