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telepathy between Humans, Angels, Demons, God
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these are all honest observations i've made over the span of my life. i'm currently 41 years of age.
i am fully aware i'm part of a small percentage of humanity that has these experiences on a nearly daily basis, and that the (vast) majority of humanity hardly has any telepathic experiences in their entire lives.
i sometimes, every few months or so, see news paper headlines float by that are titled something like 'about 10% of the population will hear a voice that is not there in their head at some point in their life'. I believe the actual percentage simply varies per location.
i know for a fact that the city i live in, has between 10% and 25% or so of the population not only aware of the fact that telepathy between lifeforms can sometimes be real, but who engage in simple telepathy enhanced sometimes by body-language signals, to do things like stay safe in traffic or for flirting purposes.

i feel my personal observations with regards to what's been proven possible in telepathy by my own experiences, should be posted here and there on the internet in relevant spots, and i believe this subforum to be such a spot.

if for any reason this interests you, i suggest you bookmark the google drive link provided in this post, because i'm likely to put more information in the documents behind the link at some point. i can not predict what i'll add when, i also have to consider what people not from the target audience might do with any information listed in documents like this, so that when i do add something, i don't have to remove it later.

http://tinyurl.com/telepathybyrv --> https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/0By4ZHMBgG5oCVExSczVQNThpNUE

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