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Dangerous objects in food
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Hi everyone
i very dear person to me finds often times metal particles in food. today it was a tiny sharp glass part.
it is so obvious it can not be accident..altough i do not believe in such.

Can someone shed a light on this please.
First he got part of metal wire in bread, then sharp metal parts few times in different foods, nuts and seeds and today glass.

What would be the meaning for him in these reocuring signs?
It is just he who gets them and we are a family with children.

Any help in interpretation kindly appreciated

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05/09/19 03:04 AM

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Re: Dangerous objects in food
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I have had that happen to me as well! I had found small rocks in my peanut butter. I contacted the company and even sent pictures. They sent me a coupon for 3 dollars off my next purchase. And just the other week, I found a piece of plastic in my food while having dinner. That I'm sure came from the cook at the restaurant.
Wish I could help you with the "why's" as I have no clue myself. I guess it's telling me to stay aware at all times I guess.
His sounds way more dangerous than mine!

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