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Feeling so alone with this 'extra sense'
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Hey there, and thank you for reading my post.

I am so eager to hear from anyone who can relate to my energy sense, as at times i feel quite alone with it and it can be quite controlling.

For the last 5 years, i have been experiencing aches/sensations in different parts of my body, which i have discovered, are physical reactions to energy which are created by the emotions/feelings of others that are in my direct space, or can even be distant if the person is thinking/talking about me (i don't know for sure if the the persons thoughts are always about me, but i do feel. from a distance). I can also feel the other when on the phone, texting, social media etc.

The aches/sensations are felt individually not multiple, in either the palms of my hands, individual fingers, my forhead (left, middle, or right side), different parts of my legs and arms, feet, top of my head, left or right side of my chest.

I have a general index of what feeling/emotion is meant by what sensation, but this is not acuate i'm sure, because i can't talk about this openly to others and basicly ask them what emotions/feelings they are having in that exact second!

I discovered this sense one evening in a pub, whilst enjoying a drink in the busy beer garden with friends. I suddenly had this ache in the left side of my forehead. I turned instinctively to where the energy was coming from, and then in that spot a physical fight broke out between 2 guys.

There is more i could tell you, so if you have any questions, fire away.

Thank you again!


I have learnt over time what emotions/feelings relate to where the and what sensation i experience. This map i have created of course not accurate as i can exactly ask the person were they feeling 'this' at 'this' time

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Re: Feeling so alone with this 'extra sense'
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Oh wow. That's beautiful. You can help a lot of people with that skill. Blessed. Peace.


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