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Chakras and its Benefits
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1. To cool the body.
2. To spend purified energy to the body.
3. To develop immunity to fend off all diseases.
4. To increase vitality.
1. To heat the body.
2. To remove all negative emotions from that chakra and in the region of body also.
3. To increase vitality.
1. To remove all negative emotions.
2. To remove all stomach disorders.
3. For proper digestion.
4. To relax the belly region.
1. To remove all accumulated sadness worries etc.,
2. Body will become very light.
3. The love energy will flow.
4. Heart will become very sensitive.
1. For a healthy vocal cord.
2. The voice coming from meditation in this chakra will have hypnotising effect.
3. Moving closer to enlightenment.
1. Face becomes radiant.
2. Body will become very warm.
3. Power of reasoning.
4. Immunity power increases.
5. Facial muscle relaxes.
6. Mind becomes slower.
7. Body and mind become healthier.
8. Vital forces increases.
9. Dilution of semen drops transformed in to condensed drops. So power of sexuality increases.
10. Wavering of eyes stops.
11. Deep sleep occurs.
12. Power of will (will power) increases.
13. Meditating on Ajna chakra will give luster and shine to your eyes.
14. Eye sight also increases to some extent.
15. Never gets angry easily and even if he gets angry it will be very momentary and it wont cause any harm to anybody.
16. All the negativity lurking in the inner most corners of minds gets burned down.
17. All sorts of depressions gets normalized.
18. Never get tired. Even if it is tired meditating on this chakra for few minutes will rejuvenate the system.(Body becomes energetic and even if it gets tired when relaxing in to Ajna chakra for few minutes charges up the whole body and the person becomes energetic)
19. Visions will start coming.
20. ESP, Clairvoyance, Mind reading etc., will come automatically.
21. Better understanding of mind, its activities and thought process will occur.
22. YOGI of real stuff when meditating on this chakra can easily undo the prefixed DESTINY.
23. If a person really masters the Ajna chakra, he will become the emperor of this world.
24. It is not mere meditation on this chakra but you have to live in that chakra for 24 hours.
1. Rememberence of past lives and births.
1. Taste of the DIVINE NECTAR.
2. Mind can be easily silenced.
3. Body will be in neutral state [Neither cold nor hot]
1. Crown of all spiritual activities
2. Here only the transformation happens.
3. Occult power increases.
4. Future happenings runs like a cinema in the inner screen.
5. Deep meditation occurs only in Thuria.
6. Gates of inner heaven opens up and so much bliss and ecstasy happens that cannot be put in to words.
7. Meditating on the chakra one can burn down all the sins committed in this human form which is recorded in this chakra.
8. Not only the present sins committed in this birth, but all the previous births also can be burned down, But for this to happen a person has to meditate for many hours/years in this chakra.
9. All the bodily attachments get detached.
10. To die in this chakra is a sought after dream for many yogis
11. Meditation in this chakra makes a person so sensitive to subtle things and can contact many super natural things that floats around in the universe.

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Re: Chakras and its Benefits
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Sorry, but I find this all very amusing.


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Re: Chakras and its Benefits
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I taught a class last night on the seven "chakras". First thing I did was explain that "chakra" is an east indian word that means "energy center". We have these energy centers located in the astral body, and each center corresponds to a physical part of the body. In reality, we have thousands, not just the "seven" most commonly focused on, but for the purposes of tuning and clearing blockages on a general level, we follow the midline and focus on the main seven. The english terms for the seven are (starting from the deepest tone and oldest primal energy source, and working your way up) root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

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Re: Chakras and its Benefits
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I found this really interesting video on different chakras and their function at

Mooladhar chakra is also to connect with energies of mother earth and remove anxiety and bring financial abundance by opening doors of prosperity by clearing mooladhar chakra.

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03/21/20 06:20 AM

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Re: Chakras and its Benefits
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There are many benefits such as the following:

Release all negative energy.
Densify aura
Greater and faster ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues
Improved overall health and well being
Restore higher vibrations.
Better result of "Law of Attraction".


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Re: Chakras and its Benefits
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Chakras are energy sources that delineate some powers which help humans to act, behave or comprehend anything in life. Each Chakra or energy field has unique powers that not only improve the human body but also boost the subconscious power of our mind through which we can develop a stronger and healthier mind. By boosting these Chakras, we can enhance our psychological state of mind, which will also help us to achieve some spiritual power through which we can broaden our mind power. Human’s energy field is like an open energy space where various energies can interact with each other and exchange positive and negative elements through that. When the toxic elements or energies interfere with positive energy sources within the human body, then these seven unique energy sources get unbalanced for which we go through various mood swings and unpredictable emotions. These unpredictable feelings impact our both professional and personal life.

Depression, financial problems, career instability, lack of self-motivation or self-esteem, adjustment problems – These all concerns are related to different Chakras which are connected to the part of our consciousness which is responsible to create the stress, anxiety or any other emotions.

Through Chakra Healing, all the toxic elements or energies which are causing negativity in your life can be banished through which you can get a fresh new life full of happiness and prosperity.
Heal your aura and cleanse your chakra using Scalar Waves at Waves2cure.

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