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A warning about extremely dangerous false guru!
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Dear friends,

I’d like to warn English speaking people who are seeking for spirituality and self-development about one very dangerous Russian false guru, a leader of the destructive cult who has recently launched in the U.S. to seek for his new preys. His name is Dmitry Raevsky. He presents himself as an experienced mentor and a highly successful spiritual coach, but in reality, he is a very malicious false guru.

We are (my friends and I) the former followers or more precisely the former cultists, who left this cult and created an elaborated research on the activities of this false guru (in Russian). Moreover, we have already crafted a warning announcement in English and posted it on different resources to increase American public’s awareness of this deceiver.

We wish to point out that you may rely upon the opinions of the renowned and proclaimed anti-cult combatants such as Dr. Alexandra Stein, Mr. Steven Hassan (M.Ed.) and Mr. Patrick Ryan who have already checked the information in our articles and posted our links on their pages in tweeter and facebook.

Please see their posts below:

We feel that this is our personal duty and commitment to rescue innocent people from being lured by this counterfeiter and “spiritual” scammer and to distribute this alarm!

Here is a link to our article:

Most sincerely,
Your friend

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Re: A warning about extremely dangerous false guru!
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( :

Hello Mihail . . .

Thank you for the warning.

Best not to panic in Britain.

Best not to freak out in America.

Screens could be popping up here in the area I am.

God could be invisible.

Like the air.

As that could be true, then I do not think that God shall be on a screen.

The book of Revelation warns of the image of the beast.

Anyone could be the beast.

An image could pop up on a screen.

Not a good idea to worship a screen.

Moderation may not be that bad of an idea in regards to screens ( ~ me thinks ~ ).

Don't think too many screens and not enough flowers and trees could be that good of an idea.

Don't think anyone is God but God.

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

( :

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