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Kundalini, ego death, what now? Help
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Hello all, my name is Angel, I'm new to this site looking for guidance from an experience I had 8 months ago.
In january of this year I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening (ego death) i actually had no knowledge of this prior although i was experiencing symptoms from it for 3 years,
I kept going to the doctor, i was convinced i was dying or crazy. In january it hit me quite hard, had no idea who I was, was puking alot, hot flashes, wierd vibrations all around my body, had a fire and ice feeling going up and down back and up to the top of the head, spiritual encounters, also psychic abilities were very enhanced (i was channeling into other realms) & was seeing and feeling energy very intensely, it was very uncomfortable, the list of symptoms honestly goes on and on.. I almost admitted myself into a psychward until I finally did some research and realized what was happening, i had always been drawn to spirituality since i was a child, i lived a pretty rough childhood and experienced alot of personal trauma, never had very many friends and was pretty much a loner and ive lived the majority of my life isolated. From what I've read this is pretty common with most lightworkers. Ever since the awakening and being able to identify what i was experiencing, and after everything started to normalize and i was no longer on this "spiritual high" (i like to call it) i have fell into a very deep depression, isolation, anxiety, hopelessness and just overall, this very dark place. I started indulging into unhealthy behaviors, and poor lifestyle choices, only causing myself more suffering. I've just had enough, my dreams are becoming more intense, dark, and pretty much showing me what I need to heal. I want to heal so bad, my goal and passion in life is to heal, i want to be a spiritual healer, I've always felt like thats been my calling.. But trying to heal and help others had lead me to neglecting my own well being and my own spiritual development.. I know that I can not be a successful lightworker and healer without healing myself and my own energy.
Where do I start? What kind of practices did some of you do to realign your spirit? And cleanse your energy and clear the emotional blockages keeping you from your life purpose?
I am lost and I seriously need some guidance from someone that is more experienced, I am 24 years old.. My experiences and spiritual phenomenon started when I was 19. Its been one hell of a road, i have yet to meet someone who has had similiar experiences, when i try to talk to people about they look at me like i am a nutjob! but I am ready to heal myself and become closer to the light. Thank you all in advance much love & light!!

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Re: Kundalini, ego death, what now? Help
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Hello Angel,
It is the destiny for all to experience the rise of the kundalini into cosmic consciousmess.
George King described this better than anyone.
You can get help fromThe Aetherius Society. The Twelve Blessings can solve your problems.

Dr.Peter Daley

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