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I need help explaining some things.
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As a result of a moment that was rather confrontational, of which had taken me by surprise, i was launched into a swell of emotions. I started to research about how to deal with emotions in confrontation, and that led to information about memory recall, and addressing the problem at the root. I did so, and it instantly flooded my brain with memories that felt close to me, that i had for some reason store away subconsciously. I then began to realize that my life up until this point has been a result of a constant, slow but steady build up of my skewed childhood perception of these wild and crazy things, causing me to live in a circle of negativity, unknowingly. I burst into tears upon this realization because I knew it to be so true, i felt it physically. I could do nothing but weep, and cry streams of tears as more and more self revealing memories started to sketch themselves out in my head. I had felt this feeling before, this intense emotional boiling-over, you could call it. Not in a negative sense, though. Then i started to realize that it was the universe and myself, or us, or something bigger, that i feel, that was giving me this information in real time, and i was receiving all of this subconscious information about myself, all so quickly, and i could feel that is was meant to be so. I was having thoughts that weren't coming directly from myself, as physical reality knows me to be, but it was an enhanced, holy, one version of myself. I could do nothing but weep and wince because i was literally realizing the beauty of the universe, and this reality, and how it all led up to this point for me, to realize these things, and it all connected. I stretched my arms out wide and cried harder, as I could do nothing more. Simply observing what was in front of me was joy enough, because i knew the universe had intended it to be there, and i was able to witness the beauty of it. The beauty of a feeling being amplified into a flood of energies and emotions and thoughts from some higher source, however corny that may sound. I don't know how to explain it further, as the euphoria is wearing off now, but i felt so loved, and so much compassion and beauty. I've said it like this before, in a separate but similar event, that I starred into the eyes of the universe/God, and I wept. I felt so much intense and heavy emotion and connection and closure and love, completely sober, just recalling memories. And again, i know for a fact, that it was meant to come to fruition in that way, in this time in life, when it was needed most, and everything connected and made sense, and i was living in the present, beyond myself, experiencing true and utter bliss and love and pain and joy and sadness and everything in between, weeping, existing as I believe i should. I have more I'd like to speak about, so much more, the emotions are just too intense and spiritual for me to not want to talk about them. However, much like many spiritual experiences, you're only left to grasp what little you're given in said amount of time you experience, and the energy and emotion and intensity is still there, but it slips my conscious mind even now as I type this, burying itself further and further into my subconscious, making it unable to grab and try to elaborate on using methods that would make sense, like normal language. So I'm left with what i can recall consciously, until next time. If anyone can help elaborate and maybe guide me to my next step, i would return it to the world tenfold. Thank you for reading, i will recall more at some point in my life i am sure.

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Re: I need help explaining some things.
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What an incredibly powerful, beautiful experience, how blessed you are to have had it!
You are certainly correct in the intuitive feeling there are "next steps".
Learning - Clearing - Healing, Learning - Clearing - Healing - it's a cycle that causes you to continuously spiral into a higher and higher state of vibrational energy.

So that first experience was really cathartic, opening some floodgates. What happens after a flood? Everything in its path is kind of laid bare, washed away, and now there has to be some cleaning/repairing/rebuilding on top of the site that used to have an old infrastructure.

So learning more about the concepts behind what you experienced, learning how to clear the baggage of emotions that have been accumulating, and in doing so, healing. Learning more about how to become empowered, learning how to clear the baggage of victimhood, and healing and rebuilding your life, stepping into your power as a Creator.

So before you delve into the sometimes scary journey into "the Underworld" or the "Dark Night of the Soul", which is where the clearing of baggage can occur, some learning would be good. Only you can say where your soul journey needs to move to next, but perhaps any of these might spark your interest or resonate;
Soul Contracts, by Carolyn Myss
Tao Te Ching, as translated by Oliver Benjamin
The Empowerment Dynamic: The Power of TED by David Emerald

Personalities on YouTube: Abraham (Esther) Hicks, Jessica Alstrom, Lynn McTaggart, Sadhguru (Meditations for Healing, for Peace, for Love)

Keep seeking, remember to keep releasing that which no longer serves, and remember that we are always connected in Divine Love - nobody is ever truly alone. Warm wishes to you on your journey.

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