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The Spiritual Carnival
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The Spiritual Carnival

When we enter the spiritual carnival there is no admission fee. The spinning swings turn us into childlike souls again where we remember that pure spirit is pure joy. At the top of the ferris wheel we witness the full view of wonder the infiniteverse always knows. The merry go round brings fantasy alive with a whimsical spirit of sensation. At the food stands we know that spirituality is both sweet like a chocolate banana cream pie and savory like a bacon cheeseburger with fries. With each carnival game we focus on that prize cuddly stuffed animal and realize we are cuddly souls. Then we raise our hands on the rollercoaster to take in the thrill of letting go of all judgement. Spirituality is a carnival that we enter once we see through the illusion that it is about pain. Spirituality: joy, laughter, happiness, fun.

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