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Balance vs Sin
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The infiniteverse flows in an infinite flowing energy that is balanced. Once a universe forms and introduces sin this sin will remain until the universe goes extinct. Sin is not balanced and can never be balanced. It is an unnatural low energy that is also rare. 99.99999 etc. of everything flows without knowledge of sin and is, therefore, a joyful and loving energy. It is paradise.

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Re: Balance vs Sin
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This assumes that "sin" exists. Not everyone believes in sin.

"Sin" originally meant simply missing the mark. For many people, that's what it still means. When we miss the mark, we just try again. It's not some evil, negative thing. It's just part of the individual learning process. I, and others in my class, once failed a calculus exam. I missed that mark, for sure! But I studied harder and got help from others and never failed another calculus exam.

"Sin" is just part of the harmony of the Universe. I don't look for nor do I desire balance. Consider that "balance" might not be such a good thing. If things are perfectly balanced, they are static and unmoving. The Universe is dynamic, not static. Seek, instead, the fluidity and flow of a living Universe.

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Re: Balance vs Sin
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Another point of view:
Sin, involves regression or moving in the wrong evolutionary direction, down into material existence and even farther. However, we needed to be tempted into material existence so that we could freely choose to move back up into spirituality.
Sin is conscious, guilty misbehaviour — we choose to do wrong and therefore deserve punishment. Our karma involves this punishment: We pay, in our next life, for the sins we commit in this life. But Christ taught of forgiveness. How can we be forgiven (excused from punishment) if we must receive our karmic due (if, that is, we must be punished)? Can karma be set aside? The solution, is that we will receive our punishment, since this is good for us. But the “objective” consequence of our sin — the effect on the universe as a whole — will be “forgiven” by Christ, so that the universe as a whole will not be harmed.
Sin is a result of personal defects. Sin is not a simple matter of breaking divine laws, such as the Ten Commandments. The Commandments are not really prohibitions so much as instructional tools for our individual spirit. We now live in a benighted time when we cannot all clairvoyantly see. But this will change in the future, when we get past the “Outer Law”. When our individual spirits make enough progress, we will see the Truth for ourselves and formulate our own apprehension of good action. This means following Christ, not in the sense of believing in Him, but in the sense of using him as our model, our Prototype: We will become like Him.
For the present, the tendency toward evil is in all of us. This is, not totally bad. Our evolutionary progress requires us to incorporate all manner of powers into ourselves to master and transmute them. We need death and evil to overcome them.
In an ultimate sense, the good gods can bring virtue out of evil. Evil will be defeated. But evil does exist, and there are evil gods who wish to spread evil. The victory of the good is almost assured, but not absolutely. The good gods and the evil gods contend, and their fate — the fate of everything — hangs in the balance.

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