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Who are you?
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Who are you? Have you ever thought who you are? Are you the body? Are you the mind? Are you the intellect? Are you the Soul, the Energy?

Unfortunately, we presume that we are what we look like, but in reality we are not what we look like. Science has proved that we are bundles of energy, trillions and trillions of atomic particles put together that make us look like who we are. And as science now endorses we are nothing but energy. Through their discovery of the wave particle duality, scientists have seen how particles become waves and waves become particles only to prove that we are not the physical mass of body that we seem to be. We are energy that is packed together and looks like a human body! But if somebody were to tell you that you are not you; you are something else, it will be very difficult for you to accept it and to understand it. So if the truth is this that you are not you, then what are you, who are you?

Stop. Ask yourself this question. You need to introspect, go deep within, find out the real answer and then probably you will realize who and what you truly are!


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Re: Who are you?
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Im a collective of my past, present and future, a multidimensional soul

Truth knows no bounds, it is beyond polarities, and always speaks out no matter the consequences.

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Re: Who are you?
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BlueRayGirl,I thought your response was a good one! What about: Our entire existence is for the purpose of finding the answer to that question.One will never know the final,true answer until we come full circle back to our origin.And there might we find that we all are one,stemming from the same origin? "Who are you?" Now that's a very deep,thought provoking question!

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04/17/17 07:05 PM

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Re: Who are you?
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Airthoughts, I'm worried my answer is going to sound all cliche and superior LOL but I really do mean it literally.

I find (when I look inside, I'm very psychic so I do this a lot) that I'm an aspect of God and that my human form is part of God. God, IMO, being a collective field of consiousness, Source, All That IS, the Universe, whatever name you want to apply. That's what I see. A piece of god, individuated, having a life in human form (human form ALSO being a part of God.) I feel all human beings are like this, but I'm not sure if they are all aware of it ;) They don't seem to be. But I am.

I'm quite happy with it now Earlier in my life I had trouble with it but not anymore. I think I've found peace with it. It's a very nice feeling.

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