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Why Live a Life of Illusion?
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Should we live a life of illusion? The question that comes to me is that if I know that the pizza in front of me is plastic, would I still pick that plastic pizza and put it on my plate and then admire it, smell it and look forward to eating it? When I know that it is a plastic pizza, then what is the point in dreaming of eating this “delicious” meal?

I know that this world is like a plastic pizza, it is not to be eaten; because this world is a transitory world, a temporary world. This world is not real! At the end, death will face me. I know it; I know that I am not this body, this mind - I am something else. I am the Energy that is inside, I am the Soul, the Divine Power, then why do I live a life of illusion? Why do I get so engrossed in this world, in buying properties and enjoying pleasures, building relationships that will eventually surmount to be nothing,; everything has to be left behind. It seems real today, like the plastic pizza is real in front of my eyes, but I can’t devour it, I can’t eat it, and similarly, I can’t have this world – I can’t because this world is not mine. It is like me checking into a hotel room and thinking that the hotel belongs to me. No, the hotel doesn’t belong to me; the room doesn’t belong to me. I am just a guest and I have to move on eventually. Life too is like that. I know I have to move on. Then why am I living this life of illusion? Should I not wake up? Should I not get on to truly living a life that is real? Should I not realize the truth?


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Re: Why Live a Life of Illusion?
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Why not?

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Re: Why Live a Life of Illusion?
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I...LIKE...my life of illusion?? That is, I know it's transitory. I know in the end I'll lose it all. I know it's largely illusory too, but I was taught (by my guide actually) to value every moment AND to use what's available to me right now, to make my present moment experience as nice, and as productive as it can be.

If I went through life thinking...I'm just a guest here...I'd start feeling like I have no reason to settle here on Earth, no reason to throw myself into life. I like feeling as if life is a vast opportunity to explore a whole new holographic world. I like to try and be fully human. Yes I'm a soul in a body (actually I'm an angelic being in a body) but that doesn't make my body, or my physical experience any less real, or important to me.

I think life is a gift, sure you're only renting space for 80 years (if you are lucky!!) like you rent a hotel room for the night. What you can ACHIEVE in those years is astounding! You can make life. You can change lives. You can leave a legacy. You can change a world. So many chances to do so many things that are ONLY available here in the flesh.

I don't look past life or try to see around it anymore. I used to. Now I try and just see life. I think death comes quickly enough as it is, change is always around, always moving the world forwards. Every day situations change, you never know how long you have in any given state before change is there, poking in his proverbial oar.

I like allowing myself to live the illusion and I pay the illusion God makes here respect by trying to fully commit to it. It's fun like playing dolls with a kid is fun, you can get lost in the game and I think that's OK as long as you retain awareness that you're free to leave it, and IMO, liable to leave it at any given moment! ;)

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