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Re: The Illusion of Time & Space/Physicality
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It is extremely difficult for any of us to perceive outside time & space, our whole perception of everything is influenced by our perception of time & space & human emotions & it’s these human emotions that also give us preconceived ideas brought on by our desire to rid ourselves of the harmful & uncomfortable attributes of what time & space give us, we then call what we no longer desire an illusion especially while in oneness conscious states even if we don’t think or feel this to be the case emotionally.

I find it really interesting that this discussion is here on the SpiritBoard. Because I was just thinking about posting a starting post for a thread about an issue that I see as quite closely related. It's this:

How do you (Matthew and others) see the relationship between 'free mind' or 'free consciousness' and mind or consicousness conditioned by the physical brain? (By 'free mind' or 'free brain' I mean mind/consciousness not conditioned by the state of the brain.)

To mention just a bit more, we probably all know how brain states under the influence of a drug, a fever, an illness, etc can differ from everyday consciousness without the influence of drugs, fever, or illness. It's also known how stimulation of brain areas can evoke memories in a person's awareness. And it's known how brain-wave states (beta, alpha, etc) can influence the nature of thoughts and overall feeling of wellbeing.

As well, we know that OBE's can seem to be freer states of awareness, where the brain seems to be less or not involved. I've had a couple of these myself.

Physical brain versus consciousness. Any ideas on this? Or should this post be ignored here, and I start a new thread?

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09/26/13 05:51 PM

Re: The Illusion of Time & Space/Physicality
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Good questions Tanemon06.

There saying the universe reacts in the same way as our human brains, it's expanding as we are in our awareness, it has webs going throughout the universe like our brains have to transmit signals from one part of the brain to the other. Is this web throughout the universe transmitting thought waves/vibrations to different parts of the universe? I think it is but is this a part of the universal consciousness not just of physical consciousness? To me it’s all a part of the universal consciousness.

To become free within our consciousness one has to reprogram our minds away from human conditioning, we all know how hard that can be. Once our minds/brain functions are free from this conditioning free consciousness takes over our physical thought patterns I believe. Once we break free of these human conditionings we no longer need to stimulate our physical brain, free consciousness does this for us.

To me the brain is always involved otherwise you wouldn’t remember these experiences however because we have a freer consciousness of the brain we can remember. Most of us don’t remember our dreams & all of us OBE if we realise it or not, the reason we don’t remember is our brains haven’t been reconditioned to accept anything else but human conditioning. Why do we feel we don’t use our physical brains in certain conscious states of awareness? It’s been reprogramed to think more freely, human conditioning isn’t free & in fact we rely on others most of the time to think for us & this is why I probably like philosophy, it helps one to think more freely & for oneself.

Don’t take any of this as gospel Tanemon06., this is only my perception of things.


Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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