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Ascending from Fear & Ego
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This is going to sound a little condescending & hypocritical of me but not really, what I am going to do is give you a site address to a person who can assist most people ascend from fear & the ego if that is the will of that person. I personally don’t have a real problem with this reality because I can see it for what it is a playground for us to develop & experience the creative cores knowing however there are people who are tired of this playground & want to move on which is their own will to do so, mines is to go along with the flow, one isn’t right or wrong over the other just different. It is obvious certain souls need to move on & that is exactly what you should do, hopefully this will assist you in your endeavours.

Below is an extract from the main home page of this site:

The Earth is in the process of evolving Her consciousness to the ascended universe above vibration and taking those that wish to go with her.
This ascended universe is a place of completeness. It is a place of all knowing and those that ascend there know. It is a truly wondrous and beautiful place beyond this universe. There is no vibration, no sound, and no light…yet the knowing achieves a far greater level of vision that does not use the senses we are used to using on Earth. For example: you know the Deer is there and where it is, but you do not see it with vision nor hear its movements. You know its movements. You know everything. In this place, no one species is more important than another. There is total peace and center.

Here is the site address to go to: http://ascendingabovevibration.org/

This elderly lady seems to know what she is talking about even though a lot of what she says isn’t in line with what I am saying however I am talking from a different perspective, “It takes more than one eye to see the truth”…Love Mathew

Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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Re: Ascending from Fear & Ego
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Maybe the same concept as 'just is'


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