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A Plea To Save Westend Wellness Centre
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I am writing here in hope that people can help perform a miracle!

In short, over the last four months I have had my life transformed by integrated approach to healing called The Natural Blueprint. This process is on the verge of taking off and has been developed by Ronald Howie through a decade long process of recovering from a head injury and beyond. Everything revolves around supporting the body's natural power to heal itself, as well as integrating structural and energetic treatments, and integrating medical research and eastern healing techniques. It has irreversibly changed my life for the better, and has had remarkable results with PTSD suffering veterans.

Currently, however, getting this to market has taken so long that they are facing an eviction notice which would destroy their dream of the last 10 years. They are looking to transform their house into a world-class healing centre and have invested everything into this goal.

I have helped them to setup two crowd-funding campaigns to fund the next phase of this ambitious project.

If this sounds interesting to you, please take a look on the Indiegogo website and search for 'The Natural Blueprint'.

Please, any assistance with funding, or any help with spreading the word (all you social media fanatics out there) would be simply incredible. I truly believe this could help transform the lives of so many suffering people.

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