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Positive Thoughts v Negative Thoughts
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Written by Mathew Naismith

There seems to be a huge distinction between positive thinking & negative thinking & it’s the way we think that gives us our modes of thoughts to live by which in turn give us our perceptions of life within our reality of right & wrongs whatever our thoughts are either it be neg or pos as this is what gives us our perception of right & wrong in any given reality. In thinking in either polarity of neg & pos thinking both modes of thought have their own right & wrongs. Take a neg thinker for example, they will think ill of many more things than a pos thinker will also their own right & wrongs can be quite different to a pos thinking person. Neg thinkers will be brasher & more outspoken caring not in whom they hurt to a pos thinker so to a pos thinker this is wrong where’s the neg thinker can’t or won’t see a wrong within this behaviour.

The question here is, is the pos thinker not also thinking neg when they see a neg thing happening in someone else’s behaviour also is it pos to not see a wrong within your own behaviour even though you are a neg thinker? The problem is it really depends in which reality you are seeing things through.

This sounds as if we are saying it doesn’t matter in what polarity we think in as it all has it’s own pos & neg polarities within any given mode of thought but no that’s not the case. Pos thinking has many more benefits than neg thinking by far without comparison however we pos thinkers must be careful not to see a right or wrong within other people’s behaviour, see it as a difference & leave it at that but also never bury one’s head in the sand & say neg things just don’t exist as this just allows neg behaviour to continue without negate as this can only work if there was no neg thinking in the first place.

By refuting neg thinking in others in a way to not see it as a wrong but see it only as a difference that needs conformation only is more pos than refuting neg thinking altogether, if you can look at negatives & see no negatives & only a difference you are well & truly on your way to true pos thinking. To test yourself think of one of the most neg events in your life, if you still see negatives not just a difference you’re not truly pos, keep focusing on this one event until you can only see a difference not a neg, this is the point you can say you are now a true pos thinker.

This awfully sound as if I’m conning myself to believe something that isn’t true!! What I would like to ask is what is true your reality or someone else’s reality? We have all been brought up in a neg world to some degree or another which is a taught belief of one reality of negativity, to see & be neg in one’s thought’s & actions, is this neg reality the whole truth? It’s the whole truth within that neg reality however when we bring in a more pos reality of thinking without thinking neg of negativity just a difference we see the negatives for what they are, just of another reality with a difference. Thinking without a pos or neg mind just a difference is more pos than thinking pos because to be plainly positive one also needs the opposite polarity to realise one is pos but to think just in differences one doesn’t need an opposing polarity, it’s more pos than just thinking of an opposing polarity to negativity which breeds more negativity within its thoughts & actions.

“True positive thinking comes from accepting our differences not opposing our differences with positivity”….Love Mathew

Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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Re: Positive Thoughts v Negative Thoughts
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This really made me think. Thank you!

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