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03/30/13 01:02 AM

The Problem with the Ego & Judgment pt.2-2
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More Intelligent!!: We are supposed to be more intelligent as a whole than ever before in known human history, disregarding the antediluvian period, so what is so intelligent about extremism which is quite rampant throughout the world in one form or another? Spiritually aware people are supposed to give balance but there are extremisms within spirituality as well conflictingly teaching others to look at all the supposed nasty things like egotism & judgment in a distasteful way when all they are are realities being acted out & experienced. Should one mode of thought of one reality dispel another? All this does is continue the conflict, the way around this is simple become accepting that all other modes of thought from yours aren’t necessarily wrong just different so does one reality/mode of thought make another one wrong again? No!!

We chose to live in a reality of diversity & numerous sub realities within a reality no wonder there’s conflicts within our reality as every reality has their own right & wrong within their mode of thought this is why this reality is what it is as it’s made up of a huge variety of realities trying to live with & within each other. This reality seems like a huge mess that can never seemingly look like ever finding peace. Not at all, for starters we are mixing the races & modes of thought more than ever in known human history which is a start, OK it’s having it’s teething problems but the end result would have to be positive. Having the intelligence & awareness to know what the problem is in the first place would also have to help as this will give us tolerance through acceptance, knowing all we are is beings living out a different reality to each other making one not right or wrong over the other just different. Also we who are living out extreme realities need to be intelligent & aware enough to realise how extreme we are in our modes of thought & how it is wrong within ourselves to force our reality on to others.

Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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