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Can you explain
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As a child I would have a single reoccurring dream of flying away from things chasing me, and I would also get intense rushes of sadness usually when my parents were fighting even though I wasnt around them 'at school, friends house roller rink ECT...' I would find out about their fighting usually when I returned home. This would also happen whenever something bad would happen usually a death or accident concerning a loved one. This accoured until I was 14yo then after my sister was murdered it stopped for the longest time. When I was in basic training a fellow solider recieved a letter and before he opended it I gave him condolence about the death in his family he looked at me asif I was crazy and I went on my way thinking he just didnt care. Later he comes up to me pissed about what I said wanting to know how I knew but I didnt know how I knew and after getting punched in the face we never spoke again. Agian thease occurrences stopped for years until I was in iraq. For a month straight I felt saddened and heavy asif I were wearing weights on everypart of my body. I later found out my parents were having serious problems at that time. After that nothing, for years nothing, a horrible marriage and nothing all until about a year ago. I met a girl things were great we moved in we were happy. Then out of nowhere after a year of living together it hits me agian sadness a weight pressing down over my entire body and now the dream I used to have as a child returned. I ignored it for a week until she breaks the news that she would always love me but we werent working. I move out. Its been over a year now my reoccurring dream has changed I am nolonger flying nolonger running from anyone or thing. I am searching in my dream I dont know what for but I cannot find it ever. When I wake up the feeling remains that I urgently need to find what ever it is I was looking for in my dream. Not only has my dream changed the feeling of saddness changed. Ive had the sadness wash over once when my exgf was in a car accident. But now its more of a mix I will be running and get a feeling of pure joy like that of a child seeing magic, or grocery shopping and suddenly have a feeling of rage that brings tears to my eyes. I have even felt pain in various parts of my body while just sitting at home watching tv. This is physical pain the type of pain you normally only feel when you get hit by something. The feelings are never so intense that it interupts what I am doing or that anyone else notices it but I do and I have no idea what's going on. I have been to my psychologist and psychiatrist both say they are symptoms of ptsd but I dont undestand how it can be when I had thease experiences before ever joining the military. When I was younger I thought it was coincidence in my teens and early twenty I ignored it but now I can't I have no idea what this is so I googled and google brought me here can somebody help me what is this.

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Re: Can you explain
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We reliving in a time of change. The spiritual energies from the sun are increasing causing a tuning up in those of in the human body sometime producing troublesome sensations.
There are the books by Helen Blavatsky but the recent work of Geoge King is reccommended.
Check the website and videos onYoutube.There are ways to deal with your problem.
I can only say I have benefitted.

Dr.Peter Daley

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