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Connected to Thoth
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Hi all,

I was meditating for an hour tonight and during the meditation I zoomed way out in to the universe where I was met with who I later realised was Thoth. We connected and I could see through Thoths eyes, looking at me while simultaneously seeing him through my own eyes.

From that I felt and saw a tunnel of light blue and white light connecting us and I saw myself as gold and surrounded by gold light. There were periods of intense pressure in my head, but not uncomfortable, and during those it felt like I was receiving a tonne of information, but I dont as yet remember anything.

First time anything like this has ever happened to me. Came out of the experience tingling, slightly heavy body feeling but also feeling very strong.

Anybody who could help me understand more what happened?

Many thanks!

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09/01/19 03:51 AM

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Re: Connected to Thoth
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Hi Essersje,

A tunnel of light tends to symbolize the connection to the spirit world, we use a tunnel of light, visualized, to connect to the world beyond the material, in meditations. In part, it symbolizes leaving the physical body behind, and cleansing us through the light in the tunnel.

The intense pressure in the head could mean various things, but as you mentioned that you felt like you were receiving lots of information, that would explain it. A physical symptom of filling you with data... even though you cannot remember any, on a subconscious level you received it, and is ready to be revealed when the time is right.

The tingly feeling is most likely the result from having partially left your body and having been on a higher level of consciousness. The feeling of a heavier body is also common, after having been on a different plane, as the physical body is then perceived as something dense and heavy. It tends to happen after intense spiritual experiences, when the consciousness returns to the body...

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