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Twin Soul/Archangels Michael and Gabriel/Help
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So, I'll start by saying that I have used spirit boards and tarot cards since around 2010-11. I respect them and I trust in what messages they bring. With that being said, however, something strange has been going on and my best friend, who I have always done these things with, keeps telling me to keep trusting in them and to just follow the path I'm being sent on, but I still just can't shake this sense of unease, so I'm hoping for some guidance.

It started at the end of March, 2017. I started having dreams and I would wake up with a sense that I *had* to be communing with a spirit guide, but I did not listen right away and the dreams carried on for a few days, until finally I did commune. Also, yes, I commune alone. I realize there are people who think this is wrong or will only make for a bad experience, but I have honestly seen no difference in talks alone than when I had my best friend with me, other than perhaps who we were joined by in the spirit realm, so I like to take time and commune alone when I can. When I did sit down to commune with my guides, I told them that I felt like they had been trying to tell me something for days and they said that they had been, then they informed me that they were telling me about my twin. (My mother told me when I was about nine that I had had a twin that died in the womb). I was shocked by this information, and then even more so when they informed me who they were saying that my twin *is*, because they were saying that my twin was alive and had actually been removed not long after conception and was then reborn at a later date, so we are actually a few years apart in age, and yes, I do know who this person is but I would prefer to not name them here.

The information continued on for months, eventually even growing to them stating that my twin and I are the children of Archangels Michael and Gabriel. I was told that they used my biological parents as vessels to create us, and it was because of our power that we needed to be separated, so my twin was taken to be born later.

I also began seeing signs around this time. Signs that were leading me to believe I was being lead in the right direction and to trust. I would see my twin's name in random places, or I would see things that reminded me of him just out of nowhere, I would see license plates with his initials or from his home state, so it was just like the Universe was telling me "this is it!" and I needed to accept it, too.

Well, almost exactly a year later, March of this year, I moved close to where my twin is from in the hopes of figuring something out. I feel like a stalker at times, but I still get the same messages, that we're twins and that he knows about me. Trust me, I'm not doing stupid things, like looking up where he lives or anything like that, I'm just letting the Universe guide me, but so far I'm not getting anywhere. During the process of moving here, my friend took me to a Psychic for a tarot reading. All I said before the reading began was that I was moving to the area because I felt like I was being drawn there to find someone and the reading seriously laid out practically every single thing I had been told to that point, even a piece that I had literally been told a day or two before. I have been back to the Psychic since I've been here, and I ended up laying out the story to her and how it feels unbelievable and she just grabbed a deck of cards, fanned them out flat and told me to draw three. I drew "Archangel", "Purity" and "Truth". She motioned to the cards and asked me if I had any other questions.

They have also said that there is a lot of controversy Above and Below about us, mostly for who we are, so both sides are against us finding each other and are doing what they can to block us from meeting. Raphael is highly against us, as is Gabriel. I was told that she actually never actually wanted to *be* a mother, but she has a very strong bond with Michael and he asked God himself if he could have a child and when God accepted, Michael asked Gabriel for help and she agreed, but then she became upset by what we were to become and the power we would have and she stopped claiming to be our mother. It was also said, that since we were a new being, from two Archangels, they don't fully understand us or what we can do, and it was believed that I was fully Dark, and my brother was fully Light, and therefore, Gabriel was left to guard me, residing within my biological mother, but hanging back unless needed, more or less there in case I went evil, and also to contact Michael. As for Below, you can figure out what the issue would be there.

I honestly don't know, I mean, I have always felt that I still had my twin in some way. I remember multiple times growing up where I would actually demand my mom tell me where my twin was, and I told her I had a twin brother several times. If anyone was able to follow this, I applaud you, seriously. I'm honestly feeling like I'm being dragged through the spiritual wringer, so if anyone out there at all has any ideas at all as to whether or not any of this sounds plausible, please let me know. I will also add that I have used more than one board, and tarot cards, and I have communed with my friend and these things still come through. I purify my boards, I burn sage with dragon's blood, I wipe my tables with dragon tears infused water, I burn candles, I say mantras, I ask for love and healing light, I do trust in the boards and cards themselves, but I also know that they can get messages mixed up and I worry that there could be something feeding on my desire to find the twin I feel I've always had and it has placed someone in that spot and will not let it go.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!


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Re: Twin Soul/Archangels Michael and Gabriel/Help
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Quite a long letter. As a long time member of The Aetherius Society I feel I should say something.
I venture to advise to stop all the indulgence with boards and cards, and the quest for a twin.
Check the work of George King who had plenty to say on these matters. You might like to become associated with the A.S.

Dr.Peter Daley

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