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First contact from angel(?)
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Hello beings!

I was never during my whole life very interested in cooperating with other beings than myself when spiritual matters where considered.
But things changed since about 2012, now I'm more open to other perspectives and ways of creating life, but It's not a place for my story - I wanted to seek help in widening my perspective and helping me to understand and maybe become more capable in practical usage of forms of contact that i recently experienced.

To not unnecesarily prelonging, I will start with the first thing that seems to need some exploration and support from more experienced in channels and angelic communication.

"We Are Angels"
"What is your name?" - i asked
It was very hard to understand and I was writing everything halfautomatically, mostly after reading what i've written I knew what it was.

I couldnt "hear" the name and finally i wrote RAZIEL?

And he repeated and repeated until after some trials i got RAGUEL.

Then he said to tear off the piece of paper from the notebook that I wrote RAZIEL on, saying we'll have different subjects. "tear off this page, you will have different themes/subjects/matters" (i'm translating to english so not everything's meaning is obvious).

We will be doing it. This is about that you can talk with me when you say RAGUEL.
This is it.
Yeah, always.
Possibility with us will be needed.
Until February you must (plural) be free from that what jams this contact.
Because the point is it will be easier to understand when you're older
-how older?
At least 30
I really ask you to not be a situation that... (this part i can't be remotely sure due to bad handwriting) money is a show.

Then the interesting part.

Can I ask you in the name of my highest I AM to show me your light?
I can't
Why cannot you show me you light?
Because the thing is that we can talk when your place is opened for me.
Because the thing is I am too befouled. Im so befouled that the streets around are very empty. I do not fulfill the level. Because it is about that I was legendary and i was legendary.
What is the condition for it to happen?
The place has to be empty. When there are people on every step of the way i am full of people. I'm unable to create space for everyone. I'm afraid that it will all blow up. And my sphere will be no longer. Will not longer come back. I am only a legend. Angels that are on highest levels won't even think about it. For this reason you call me.
At all.
At 12. At 12 there is a portal of knowledge about human.

There starts another contact. It was a series of very quickly changing and very hard to comprehend contacts from many differently introducing themselves i-lack-the proper-word-for-naming-all-of-thems.

Anyone, anything? It's my first post here, by no logical reason also first time I share part of this experience with wider group of people.

Feel free to ignore it if you consider it a waste of your energy. Feel very appreciated if you decide to take some time to share your thoughts. The deeper insight, the more grateful I'll be.
If anyone cares, I could share other writings from that day and not only that one.


Edit: I overlooked one thing, looks almost like a life motto or something like that. "I mean, one may go out ito the war, or go out to get some fresh air as well"

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Re: First contact from angel(?)
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Hello. From reading your post I may have misunderstood but if. Something claims to be an angel you will know in yourself if this is true from how you feel if you feel uplifted and esctatic from their energy and calmed or prevalent happiness its quite possibly angelic. Its how the energy feels but also angels will show you light. Be very careful to have your defences up. Especially when you are new to communicating. Its unfortunate that there are those who will imitate your guides also but you will truely know them by how you feel. If its right there will be no fear just happiness. Love and light


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Re: First contact from angel(?)
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Thank you, I'm very grateful for your answer. It cleared all the confusions and uncertainties I had, even the ones I had no knowledge of having. It was a perfect message, excactlly fitting the blanks I unclearly described. It enlightened parts of my own intuition that were previously hard to incorporate and allowed me to learn to be aware of them without difficulties occuring before.

But it's not even the most important matter. Instantly after reading your response something I could never expected happened, I don't even know yet how to place it, how to think of it, what it really is, how it workes and to what point should my involvement in using, reasearching, learning and continue to explore it.
I feel something new opened and it's very complicated, pleasing, but yet unsettling and confusing. I can siutuate it somewhere in the area of remote communication with other different beings by using mind and thought.
Whatever's next,
Peace&Love for you and everyone in need.
And thanks again for the reaction, some time passed and it suprised me when someone suddenly decided to respond after about three months.

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07/09/19 08:04 AM

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Re: First contact from angel(?)
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when you are automatic writing, remember that the spelling will often be phonetic, grammar is not used. writing can sometimes come in mirrored (I've had that happen with an old, old, old, spirit). so just in case, have a mirror handy. most answers to questions are short and direct because transfering energy from etheric to physical is consuming. the more you (the energy "exchanger" allows the energy exchange, the more writing. as with everything, prayer first (bless however you feel is right for you) candle, prayer (your blessing) after.

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