Below is a list of people who are in need of distant healing, prayer, or lightwork.
Please pass by daily to send some healing energies or prayer to those listed, and feel free to list below those who ask for help! Scroll down to add to this list.
Christinahelp people stop eating chicken cows pigs dairy10/12/19
Olanike FalayeHealing, protection, abundance.09/19/19
Jesse Idowu AkereleProtection, abundance,Success,,overcome enemies 09/19/19
Laetitia SmithEmotional, physical and spiritual well-being 08/10/19
S. PaulinaSevere shoulder & neck pain06/16/19
S. PaulinaKnee synvisc injection worsened condition06/16/19
Susan HagaAlcoholic05/23/19
Jacob PaulAddiction05/23/19
Sonia A.Heal severe stomach acid05/23/19
WilAndersHelp him accept not moving anytime soon.05/23/19
SpandeHelp lessen severe disability due to accidents05/23/19
Encarna C.hip joints12/29/18
Paul JuniorBorderline Personality Disorder12/28/18
Sonia A.Newly re-fractured left foot & badly hurt knee11/24/18
Barbara Kochleg amputation 11/17/18
SpandeSevere knee, ankle, foot, hip & neck pain07/30/18
Kiana KirklandMicrocytic Anemia / stressful housemates07/29/18
Layne714Gallbladder/kidney pain07/28/18
Sonia A.Heal spinal facet arthritis & back pain07/02/18
Kiana KirklandFinancial & Interpersonal Success07/01/18
Kalpanaleg muscle/joint pain. Want it to get cured06/01/18
Ani L.depression and anxiety05/28/18
Mo Dogpossible Congestive Heart Failure05/10/18
Aphrodite DogCongestive Heart Failure05/10/18
BrinSI Joint pain, chronic fatigue05/10/18
LyndaHead trauma, severe headaches05/06/18
Spandepain under left rib; heal stomach05/05/18
Anne MLower back pain04/18/18
S. PaulinaSleep issue need 7 hours not 304/05/18
SpandeHeal left breast pain04/05/18
Ewa DLost01/17/18
Mem KAlcoholic, bipolar disorder, depression,01/17/18
Stephanmy Father has serious leg pain, pl. pray for him01/15/18
HeidiShoulder surgery 11/29/17
Sonia many serious disabling problems - please help10/02/17
Sonia A.Right hip pain, right foot & heel pain10/02/17
Sonia A.Severe knee degeneration, can't walk10/02/17
S. PaulinaNeck pain - Can't sleep09/26/17
Ronald B.Alzheimer 08/25/17
Spandeheal collapsed ankles & foot pain08/25/17
Reinhart Zellerheart problems07/28/17
Sonia A.Heal & prevent Barrett's esophagus & cancer07/25/17
S. PaulinaHeal Tendonosis & hip pain07/25/17
Tim H.Avoid heart & stroke problems; good health07/25/17
Nick M.Financial betterment, good health07/25/17
WilAndersNeed Good Permanent Job07/24/17
S. PaulinaTramadol Side Effects07/24/17
S. PaulinaNew severe all over joint pain07/24/17
You can add to this list by logging in at SpiritBoard and visiting the Healing Circle there. The same listings are displayed here.