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04/19/17 03:02 PM

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Need Clairvoyant Counseling?
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If you are looking for divination, channeling, prayer, a psychic tarot reading of any sort post here and I will do as I am able using whatever tools I have available. No charge.

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04/24/17 01:19 AM

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Re: Need Clairvoyant Counseling?
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I would love some guidance. I have been suffering from chronic pain for almost 5 years now and have been searching for help this whole time to no avail.
I would love if you could tell me if you can see where the right guidance for healing may come from and where are my shadow sides which are blocking me from seeing the way.

I would be so grateful to receive your guidance.

Thank you,


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08/03/17 04:38 PM

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Re: Need Clairvoyant Counseling?
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Hi who am I? Someone in the bible? I am sooo psychic its cool does anyone know what i can do would be the meaning of life

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12/25/17 07:15 AM

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Re: Need Clairvoyant Counseling?
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I also need some guidance if you suggest me .i.m going on spiritual forum from many days buy still.i .m not succeeded

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