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pigeons on a roof
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Hi im new. My name is bree.
I hAd a very strange site of pigeons a couple days ago and why its overly strange to myself.
I hope maybe someone could tell me what it means.

This past saturday i was helping out a friend/boss clean out her house.
Her home is straight across the street from my ex home
I had a strange feeling to look at it and saw not one or two and no joke but maybe over 50 to 100 pigeons on top of his roof. I looked at the other homes and not one in site anywhere. I went inside of my friends home and decided to call him and tell him bout the pigeons .he didnt answer and i walked out side bout 2 mins after the phone call and every single one was gone and still not one anywhere else.he called me back for the first time after not speakin to him in 6 months and we had a short but good conversation and he also wanted to know what it might mean.

I was wondering. If this may have been a sign for my ex that lives in that house.

Sorry if it sounds immature but i really have a feeling it ment something. Thank you and i appreciate anyones help

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Re: pigeons on a roof
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Welcome Bree, pigeons are a sign of security, home, family, all good. That many must have meant something.

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